Reel Talk

Reel Talk

30 Episodes

"Reel Talk" is an entertaining and informative series, geared towards actors and artists alike, where entertainment industry insiders share their knowledge.

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Reel Talk
  • "And The Emmy Goes To…SATACRACY 88!”

    Episode 25

    Reel Talk | S1:E5:P4 | Diahanna Nicole Baxter discusses winning the 1st ever Web Emmy in history.

  • “Cowboy’s Girl”

    Episode 26

    Reel Talk | S1:E5:P5 | Diahanna Nicole Baxter discusses fundraising advice, writing, acting, and producing, and her experiences working with Tony Todd.

  • “Navigating The Waters to SAG”

    Episode 27

    Reel Talk | S1:E6:P1 | Trevor Algatt discusses how he got his SAG card.

  • “Donor”
    Episode 28


    Episode 28

    Reel Talk | S1:E6:P2 | Trevor Algatt discusses his experiences working on the award-winning short, “Donor.”

  • “Inside Actor’s Podcast”

    Episode 29

    Reel Talk | S1:E6:P3 | Trevor Algatt discusses producing his podcast with AJ Meijer.

  • “Having A Servant’s Heart”

    Episode 30

    Reel Talk | S1:E6:P4 | Trevor Algatt shares his advice to others on head shots, reels, and other tools of the trade.