4 Episodes

Frankie LaPace & Alexandra Nader make up the irreverent comedy sketch duo who happen to have both been born from mothers by the name of Rosa. Also check out the hilarious "B - Team" on REVRY's YouTube page for more fun!

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  • "Pick a Pie"

    Episode 1

    A satirical sketch about the undecided voter in the 2016 election.

  • "Frank & Patty"

    Episode 2

    RosaBaby | S1:E1 | An old costume designing couple try to salvage their career by filming a documentary about their life in the theater.

  • "eHeritage"

    Episode 3

    RosaBaby | S1:E2 | Commercial parody of a genealogy website that inspires people to embrace their roots in radical ways.

  • "The Couple"

    Episode 4

    RosaBaby | S1:E3 | A dinner party goes awry when hosts realize their guests have a terrifying love of theater.