7 Episodes

Frankie LaPace & Alexandra Nader make up the irreverent comedy sketch duo who happen to have both been born from mothers by the name of Rosa. Also check out the hilarious "B-Team" on REVRY's YouTube page for more fun!

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  • "The Couple"

    Episode 1

    RosaBaby | S1:E1 | A dinner party goes awry when hosts realize their guests have a terrifying love of theater.

  • "eHeritage"

    Episode 2

    RosaBaby | S1:E2 | Commercial parody of a genealogy website that inspires people to embrace their roots in radical ways.

  • "Frank & Patty"

    Episode 3

    RosaBaby | S1:E3 | An old costume designing couple try to salvage their career by filming a documentary about their life in the theater.

  • The B Team

    Episode 4

    RosaBaby | S1:E4 | A look inside what it’s like to be brown in the entertainment industry as we follow two Latino print models on a shoot.

  • "Pick a Pie"

    Episode 5

    RosaBaby | S1:E5 | A satirical sketch about the undecided voter in the 2016 election.

  • "Be Sexy"
    Episode 6

    "Be Sexy"

    Episode 6

    RosaBaby | S1:E6 | What happens when you and your bff are both interested in the same guy? What happens when that guy is interested in both you and your bff? The competition begins.

    Winner of the Audience Choice Award for Comedy at Out Web Fest 2017.

  • "The Republican"

    Episode 7

    Rosababy | S1:E7 | A horror trailer parody!