Watch this video and more on revry

Watch this video and more on revry

"Episode 4"

Running With Violet, Season 1, Episode 4 – 6m 41s

Up Next in Season 1

  • "Episode 5"

    Running with Violet | S1:E5 | Jolene and Miranda set to work digging a hole for the dead "cop." Frankie suddenly
    makes the link that Stella thinks they're drug dealers. Stella shows up and orders them to the drop off spot.

  • "Episode 6"

    Running with Violet | S1:E6 | The women arrive at the drug drop off to do the 'deal' and make some mad cash, all while keeping Violet safe. Unbeknownst to them, there are cops surveying the room and tracking their every move.

  • "Episode 7"

    Running with Violet | S1:E7 | Miranda's husband Blair suddenly reappears, knocking down their motel room door and forcing another violent confrontation. Quirky cop Stewart pushes Jolene and Frankie aside as he searches their motel room for drugs.