Sex Café

Sex Café

4 Episodes

Welcome to the Sex Café: an open-conversation web series featuring women discussing female sexuality. Sex Café strives to be part of an ever-changing, relevant discussion that reclaims women and their approach to conversations surrounding sexuality.

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Sex Café
  • "Digital Dating and Online Identity"

    Episode 1

    Sex Café | S1:E1 | Introducing our first discussion in which our speakers dive into the world of female sexuality and online sexual identity. How and why is sexuality online perceived differently? Let’s talk the ever-changing digital landscape and everything that comes with it...nudes?

  • "Culture and Identity"

    Episode 2

    Sex Café | S1:E2 | Culture and sexuality, or even cultural sexuality are part of identity and how we identify with ourselves in our culture. This conversation shares stories of cultural identity, family anecdotes, and the contrast between cultures, upbringing, values, and also fried chicken for s...

  • "Sexual Health and Puberty"

    Episode 3

    Sex Café | S1:E3 | We need to talk about discharge! Let’s jump right into it: healthcare, female reproductive rights, sexual health education, puberty, childhood, and conversations we didn’t want to have with our parents but probably should. This is the sex-ed class you wish you had.

  • "Pornography"

    Episode 4

    Sex Café | S1:E4 | In the fourth and final episode of season one, our guests discuss Pornography: the industry, the stigma, the women in porn, the ones who watch it, and why this is a conversation that needs to happen.