She's In London

She's In London

6 Episodes

She’s in London follows the lives of the staff of patrons of an iconic LBQ Soho bar, their fight against a mainstream property developer to save the venue from closure, and a love triangle formed when one woman sleeps with her best friend's ex.

Full of drama, humour, sex, lies and friendship - will the venue and relationships survive the battles they must face?

This six episode online drama portrays real LBQ life in contemporary London.

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She's In London
  • "Friendly in the Toilets"

    Episode 1

    She's in London | S1:E1 | Theo recounts her "normal" Tuesday at work to flatmate Sam, revealing that the lesbian bar she works at is under threat of closure and that she slept with a customer in the toilets!

  • "Face-Stalking"

    Episode 2

    She's in London | S1:E2 | Theo reveals to Sam that Sam's ex caught Theo in the toilets; Sam secretly invites her ex out with herself and Theo to the bar.

  • "No Second Dates"

    Episode 3

    She's in London | S1:E3 | We find out Mel is behind the potential venue closure; Theo and Mel flirt, then kiss.

  • "In the Still of the Night"

    Episode 4

    She's in London | S1:E4 | Theo takes Mel home to bed; they are nearly caught by Sam.

  • "Pride Comes"

    Episode 5

    She's in London | S1:E5 | It's three weeks later, and Theo has been absent from home with her "mystery girlfriend"; It's Pride season and there's a big campaign to save the bar; Lucy Spraggan cameo; it's revealed to Theo that Mel is to blame for the venue threat; Sam is told that Mel is Theo's gi...

  • "Before the Fall"

    Episode 6

    She's in London | S1:E6 | Everyone attempts to make amends; Theo and Sam make up; Mel quits her job and supports the campaign; Theo and Mel make up... and there's a knock at the door.