Sipping' Tea with Joshua

Sipping' Tea with Joshua

6 Episodes

Not your typical gay podcast. Joshua is the opinionated Creative Director of SRP TV has some stuff to say and he is bringing his intelligent and hilarious friends alone for the ride. All while giving zero fu*ks. This crew is going to be a great addition to your commuting life by providing insightful, witty, and hilarious commentary on the issues that actually matter in this country. This podcast is very revolution driven. Our conversations are meant to continue conversations surrounding pressing social issues in America.

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Sipping' Tea with Joshua
  • Buyer's Remorse | with Kevin Tomlinson

    Episode 1

    Sippin' Tea With Joshua | S1E1 | Sit back, sip some tea and talk about buyers remorse with Joshua and our first guest - Kevin Tomlinson! Anyone out there that voted for Trump starting to realize what repercussions may come from that? Let's chat about it!

  • Flag Burning | with Angel Payne

    Episode 2

    Sippin' Tea With Joshua | S1E2 | Sippin' Tea with Joshua | What's the tea on flag burning y'all?? Joshua is joined in the studio by Angel Payne to discuss flag burning and protest culture in America. We also bring in special guest, Charlie Jankowski joining us over the phone from North Carolina t...

  • Inauguration March | with Taylor Mechlinkski

    Episode 3

    Sippin' Tea With Joshua | S1E3 | Here's some reali-TEA for us all - Trump is the 45th president. Sit down with Joshua, guest Taylor Mechlinski, and producer Kaycee to chat about the Women's March and the Inauguration.

  • Buyer's Remorse Pt. 2 | Trumps First Week

    Episode 4

    Sippin' Tea With Joshua | S1E4 | Hold my tea! Joshua and guest Christian Bergren-Aragon dive into many different topics surrounding Trump's first week in office and beyond.

  • LGBT in Politics | with Jared Milrad

    Episode 5

    Sippin' Tea with Joshua | S1E5 | What does the future hold for the LGBT community in America under Trumps administration? Joshua chats with entrepreneur extraordinaire Jared Milrad on this weeks episode of Sippin' Tea!

  • Feminism and More | with Julyza Commodore

    Episode 6

    Sippin' Tea With Joshua | S1E6 | *Sips Tea* Joshua and guest Julyza Commodore stir the pot a little on the topic of feminism, intersectionality, and a whole lot more! Come listen and weigh in on the conversation.