Skeleton Crew | Bear World Media TV

Skeleton Crew | Bear World Media TV

2 Seasons

Bear World TV Channel | presents the story of a bear couple, their family and friends, and what happens when the fringes of sexuality becomes the norm. A melodra-gomedy (melodramatic tragicomedy) about the cost of secrets and dreams.

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Skeleton Crew | Bear World Media TV
  • "Bone Collecting"

    Episode 1

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E1| Six family members gather for an evening of Halloween merriment. But things don't go as expected.

  • "Picking Up The Pieces"

    Episode 2

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E2 | The day after their disastrous Halloween party, Hunter and Anthony are left struggling to figure out the next steps in their lives. Gina looks for a way out, while Eddie is forced to deal with the consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, Veronica and Aaron try to avoid even...

  • "Emptying The Closet"

    Episode 3

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E3 | As Anthony faces the Carla consequences, Hunter makes a new friend at work. Eddie continues to pay for his mistakes, and Gina begins to solidify her revenge. And things between Veronica and Aaron reach a climax.

  • "Bone Appétit"

    Episode 4

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E4 | Hunter and Eddie try to find a bit of normalcy in a shared birthday tradition, while Aaron finds himself in a box of donuts. Meanwhile, Veronica faces competition at auditions for Medea, and Gina makes a new friend. And Anthony, left to his own devices, doesn't end up as a...

  • "Jaw Dropping"

    Episode 5

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E5 | Eddie's actions catch up to him and the reason he's been stealing money comes to light, while the world seems to be opening up for Gina. Aaron sinks deeper into his desires, while Hunter and Anthony both face the reality of being open. Veronica finds getting what she wants...

  • "R.I.P."
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E6 | Veronica, Anthony, Hunter, Aaron, Gina, and Eddie gather to put a loved one to rest, and all six strive to move forward with their lives. For Gina, Aaron, and Hunter, this means at the expense of others.

  • "Bone Daddy"

    Episode 7

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E7 | Hunter decides to make a change in his life, and Aaron finally returns to the office, where things don't go as he expects. Veronica tries to make amends for her break down at the funeral, and Anthony finds himself on the receiving end of her "generosity." Gina finds hersel...

  • "Excess Baggage"

    Episode 8

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E8 | Hunter, Eddie, and Aaron decide to escape the drama of the city for a weekend of fun which doesn't turn out as planned. Gina finds her coup of the theatre troupe doesn't go as expected, while Veronica finds herself seemingly back on top. Alone for the weekend, Anthony spen...

  • "Working To The Bone"

    Episode 9

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E9 | Hunter steps in to help Aaron with work, and Aaron's two worlds collide in unexpected ways. Gina continues walking a fine line between Evan and Appolina, while Eddie finds his latest client pushing his boundaries. And news of Veronica's trip to the pawn shop distracts Anth...

  • "A Second Closet Full"

    Episode 10

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E10 | Hunter deals with some disappointing news as only he knows how, while Aaron has a surprising encounter at work. Anthony bumps into someone he'd rather not see, and Veronica makes several new friends on her journey to find herself. Gina and Eddie's relationship reaches the...

  • "Funny Bones"

    Episode 11

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E11 | Veronica finds the answer to all her financial woes, while Eddie shares some unexpected moments with both Ethel and Cecelia. Gina and Evan and Hunter and Aaron find their relationships growing more complicated. Anthony faces harsh truths about himself and Carla.

  • "Bare Bones"

    Episode 12

    Skeleton Crew | S1:E12 | Opening night has arrived, but Appolina learns some troubling news which complicates events for both Veronica and Gina.
    Aaron gets a surprise at work and finds his world turned further upside down.
    Eddie experiences a great loss. Hunter and Anthony find their lives taki...