Successful People

Successful People

9 Episodes

Successful People is the story of Laura and Chet, a songwriting duo in their tenth year of trying to make it, as they encounter a world full of Successful People.

A single-camera comedy set in Los Angeles, Successful People, explores the ideas of achievement vs. contentment, if goals should have expiration dates, and what lengths someone will go to to get what they want. Each episode takes a different type of “successful person” and examines the impact they have on Laura and Chet as they work to achieve their dream. Is there a set path to success? Do they even really want it? Are successful people just assholes? Whatever the case, they start to realize they may not become the one thing they’ve always wanted to be: Successful People.

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Successful People
  • "Successful People Are A$$holes"

    Episode 1

    Successful People | S1:E1 | While at a networking event, Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly), an unsuccessful songwriting duo, meet a young, successful songwriter (Matthew Bohrer) who reignites Laura's passion for her dream.

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  • "Voted Least Likely To Succeed"

    Episode 2

    Successful People | S1:E2 | Laura (Theresa Ryan) meets up with her high school friend, Jake (Rob Dionne), who thinks her pregnancy is spelling the end to her songwriting dreams.

  • "Have Vision Boards"

    Episode 3

    Successful People | S1:E3 | Laura (Theresa Ryan) discovers Chet's (Artie O'Daly) vision board, revealing his desire to make gay friends.

  • "Get Hammered And Still Function"

    Episode 4

    Successful People | S1:E4 | Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) take a meeting with a high-powered agent (Miki Yamashita) the morning after all-night partying.

  • "Have Stylists"

    Episode 5

    Successful People | S1:E5 | Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) get made over by a stylist (Todd Sherry) with unique ideas on how to stand out on a red carpet.

  • "Step & Repeat"

    Episode 6

    Successful People | S1:E6 | Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) crash a red carpet in an attempt to get their picture in Us Weekly, and discover a former fellow songwriter (Emilie Erskine) working the event.

  • "Talk About How Much Time Has Passed"

    Episode 7

    Successful People | S1:E7 | After their failure at the red carpet, Chet (Artie O'Daly) tells Laura (Theresa Ryan) he's ready to give up, when they run into a high school acquaintance who's never worked a day in her life (Lisa Linke).

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  • "Keep Other People From Being Successful"

    Episode 8

    Successful People | S1:E8 | In the season finale, Laura (Theresa Ryan) and Chet (Artie O'Daly) audition for Rihanna's manager (Eric Kind) and producer (Malcolm Foster Smith).

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  • Successful People | Season 1 | Blooper Reel

    Episode 9

    Chet & Laura are an unsuccessful songwriting duo in their tenth year of trying to make it, and are beginning to realize their chances of success may have already passed them by.