That Reminds Me

That Reminds Me

4 Episodes

That Reminds Me... was hatched in the creative minds of Executive Producers Jenny Paul, Chelsea Roach, and Monica Cangero and Co- Executive Producer Marla Pachter.
In trying to figure out the kind of family Janie, Kelsey, and Elaine would be, Jenny, Chelsea, Monica and Marla sat in a Starbucks trading stories and laughing about their own families’ adventures. The more they talked to each other, the more they realized that for four wildly different personalities from four wildly different families, they all had something in common. Stories. Every family has stories. They became their own inspiration for That Reminds Me... a story about a family that loves to tell stories!
And, just like in real life, Janie, Kelsey, and Elaine never know what’s going to happen next...

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That Reminds Me
  • "Pilot"
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    That Reminds Me | S1:E1 | Janie, Kelsey, and their mom Elaine start getting ready for a big event later that evening. Kelsey figures out a new career path, and Elaine tells the story of how she met Kelsey's father.

  • "Mr. Sloppy’s Seconds"

    Episode 2

    That Remind Me | S1:E2 | It's Janie's 23rd birthday, and everyone goes to a gay bar to celebrate. When Kelsey disappears during her turn in the dance contest, Janie must conquer her fear of dancing.

  • "Homeless"

    Episode 3

    That Reminds Me | S1:E3 | Elaine discovers Kelsey and Aunt Carol pretending to be homeless, proving that no matter what you do there will always be a family member more embarrassing.

  • "Thanksgiving"

    Episode 4

    That Remind Me | S1:E4 | When Janie's dads Carter and Martin decide to do things a little differently for Thanksgiving one year, we find out what happens when Elaine gets hungry. It is not pretty.