The Inside Noise

The Inside Noise

2 Seasons

The comedic and sassy duo of Chrissy Carpenter & Demi Janell bring you ...The Inside Noise Show. 

A chick-lead entertainment talk show just for laughing, showcasing creative minds and bringing you all the necessary and not-so necessary entertainment industry info.
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The Inside Noise
  • “Now A Talk Show and Now On REVRY, yay!”

    Episode 1

    Inside Noise | S1:E1 | The comedic and sassy duo of Chrissy Carpenter & Demi Janell bring you- The Inside Noise Show. A chick-lead entertainment talk show just for laughing, showcasing creative minds and bringing you all the necessary and not-so necessary entertainment industry info.
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  • "The Ivory Keys Keep us Laughing"

    Episode 2

    Inside Noise | S1:E2 | Who doesn't love Grammy's and amazing pianists? (I say PIANIST, get your mind outta the gutter!)

    Chrissy & Demi talk about going buff for voting, our Resident Single Guy checks in and piano virtuoso Dave Yaden is interviewed and plays live.

  • "Trumpets, Producers & Ask Us Anything!"

    Episode 3

    Inside Noise | S1:E3 | Trumpet mastermind David Longoria and producer Rob Eibach share their secrets and some laughs. Ask Us Anything returns, where really, you can Ask Us Anything!

  • "We Got Our Cherry Popped & Tokyo Taboo Was There Too!"

    Episode 4

    Inside Noise | S1:E4 | Chrissy & Demi meet their Queen For A Day- Cherry Poppins and UK band Tokyo Taboo drop in for an interview and get down with a little a cappella action!

  • "Sprinkle A Little Currie On Some Lorynn York and Add A Dash Of Laughs"

    Episode 5

    Inside Noise | S1:E5 | This week Chrissy & Demi discover a death simulator in China, Currie Terrell helps them "Figure Out" something new, and the striking Lorynn York joins the ladies for an interview.

  • "Blast From The Past and a Cute Pair of Stilettos"

    Episode 6

    Inside Noise | S1:E6 | The one and only Barry Papick is back, and reminds us of how dirty his mouth can be, and Demi & Chrissy fall in love with the new girl duo - Stiletto.

  • "Feelin' Vivawild in our Eco-Friendly Bikinis While Jamming to The Latest"

    Episode 7

    Inside Noise | S1:E7 | Chrissy & Demi talk Hipster Nativity scenes, the founders of Vivawild & Odina Surf let us know why our Christmas pennies should be supporting their causes, and some of the gents from The Latest strum a little tune.

  • "Have A Holly Jolly Everything"

    Episode 8

    Inside Noise | S1:E8 | Chrissy & Demi bring on the holiday cheer with Director Ken Mader & a live performance from Kathleen Gunderson. Don't worry, the eggnog and tinsel were not forgotten!

  • "Kickin' Off the New Year with Warm Tingles & A Damn Good Song"

    Episode 9

    Inside Noise | S1:E9 | Chrissy & Demi are starting 2017 off with a lot feel good moments, but you know we don't leave out the laughs! Actress Brooke Lewis joins us, and we have a live performance from singer-songwriter Taylor Alexander.

  • “Laughs, Queens & Kings, Oh My!”

    Episode 10

    Inside Noise | S1:E10 | Chrissy & Demi discuss the giant orange elephant in the room, sex robots coming to a single person near you, and author James Matlack Raney discusses his latest book!

  • "Cocktails, Questions, and A Little Attitude"

    Episode 11

    Inside Noise | S1:E10 | Meghan Hanna, founder of the new vodka brand Two Chicks Cocktails, joins us for a tasty time. Judyth Brooke Asks Us Anything (really, anything!) and singer-songwriter Jesse MacLeod is out of this world.

  • "Currie, A Sexthropologist & A Director Walk Into a Bar..."

    Episode 12

    Inside Noise | S1:E11 | We have guest co-host Currie Terrell joining us. We debut our resident Sexthropologist, and director/writer/producer Staci Layne Wilson tells us about her rock n roll past.

  • "Flicks & Chicks, It's how we get our Kicks!"

    Episode 13

    Inside Noise | S1:E11 | Our interview with Flicks4Change founder Andrew Steel & Wadooah Wali, one of the smarties behind REVRY. Live performance with Corinne DeVries.

  • "Online Dating, Some Bluesy Rock, and the Best Birthday Game"

    Episode 14

    Inside Noise | S1:E12 | Our souls are challenged with a Birthday game this week, we hear about a short film that shows all the ridiculousness of online dating, and Subtle Kind of Murder blows us away with their live performance.

  • "A Man of Many Words, Beyoncé & A Pretty Little Tune"

    Episode 15

    Inside Noise | S1: E13 | This week Dylan Brody- "purveyor of fine words" joins us, Demi gets crazy over Queen B, & Alfa busts out her guitar.

  • "Direct That Pop Star to Help Us Figure It Out"

    Episode 16

    Inside Noise | S1:E14 | The girls get their squat game on, director Steve Balderson is just amazing, and REVRY'S newest pop star performs.

  • "Comedians, Sex Toys & a Heartfelt Song"

    Episode 17

    Inside Noise | S1:E15 | Chrissy & Demi get down and dirty with the resident Sexthropologist (c*ck rings that look like door knockers anyone?), they're left in stitches with the comedian Granison, & Dylan Dunlap strums the most beautiful tune.

  • "We Are Asked Anything & It's a Drea Takeover"

    Episode 18

    Inside Noise | S1:E16 | Judyth Brooke jumps in the saddle to ask us anything. Oh yes, anything. We get into some shocking Oscar facts, then cute as a sassy button Drea, joins us to sing quite the tune.

  • "Boss Babes With a Side of Currie"

    Episode 19

    The Inside Noise | S1:E18 | Because it's International Women's Day every day on The Inside Noise Show we have Paula Silinger, CEO and founder of Rickety Rack & socially conscious musician Shani Rose. We didn't forget our monthly dose of Currie though!

  • "Sex Toys, Psychics & Subtle Kind of Murder"

    Episode 20

    The Inside Noise Show | S1:E20 | Our resident Sexthropologist rocks our world with a new toy and some naked outdoor activities, we have a real live psychic & our fave band Subtle Kind of Murder returns for an encore.

  • "A Little Bit of Truth, A Little Bit of Horror, A Lotta Bit of Music"

    Episode 21

    Inside Noise | S1:E21 | Demi's nowhere to be found, so Currie Terrell jumps in and gets Asked Anything with Chrissy, horror aficionado and Director Tommy Costabile shows up, & musician Ariana Tibi wows us all.

  • "The Cutest Author Ever, & A Little Snafu"

    Episode 22

    The Inside Noise | S1E22 | Author Heidi Barnes gets into her first novel The Bellman, and our musical guest...oh wait, what musical guest?!

  • "A Snazzy Queen, A Dash of Horror, & Some Serious Violin Action"

    Episode 23

    The Inside Noise | S1:E23 | We meet our first Bearded Queen, we dive into the new horror film Bethany & our world is rocked by an electric violinist.

  • "Figuring Out Some Horror on a Ship"

    Episode 24

    Inside Noise | S1:E24 | The ladies ask how much binging should one do, we're back with the horror & our Ship definitely sets sail.