The 'Other' Love Story

The 'Other' Love Story

12 Episodes

The 'Other' Love Story shares the journey of two college-aged women's blossoming love in Bangalore in the 90s. India's First Lesbian Web Series challenges the stigmas of India's homophobia to craft a touching and realistic relationship that even defies the standard tropes of lesbian cinema. An intimate tale that shows that even amidst great adversity love endures.

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The 'Other' Love Story
  • "The Meeting"

    Episode 1

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E1 | Aadya and Aachal have their first proper meeting where they exchange their phone numbers.

  • "The Awkward Invite"

    Episode 2

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E2 | Aadya comes to Aachal’s home, ends up playing a game of Carom with Aachal’s brothers and cousins.

  • “The Bhelpuri & those Tears”

    Episode 3

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E3 | Aadya’s routine now includes a visit to Aachal’s house after college, causing their bond to get deeper.

  • “The Rainy Night”

    Episode 4

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E4 | The naked vulnerable self surfaces and a sense of protection develops.

  • “The Day after & the Talks”

    Episode 5

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E5 | Cute togetherness begins over a wait at the bus stop and breakfast at their favorite restaurant.

  • “The Lunches and the Walks”

    Episode 6

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E6 | Aadya is a regular during lunch breaks at Aachal’s college. They confess their feelings for each other to their friends.

  • “The Moments and that Terrace”

    Episode 7

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E7 | Things become more intimate during their secret terrace meetings.

  • “The Dreamwala Gift”

    Episode 8

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E8 | The birthday party and their first kiss.

  • “The Love & More”

    Episode 9

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E9 | Divine intimacy and the first make out session on an empty afternoon.

  • “The Greeting Cards & those Letters”

    Episode 10

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E10 | Aachal’s caught by her family and the aftermath.

  • “The Longing”

    Episode 11

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E11 | The lovebirds are not allowed to see each other.

  • “The Journey”

    Episode 12

    The ‘Other’ Love Story | S1:E12 | The series climax. Aachal is sent away to be with her Aunt out of country. Will they meet each other finally?