The Point

The Point

2 Seasons

THE POINT, the only talk show bringing gay and straight men together to see what happens!

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The Point
  • "Cocaine, Steroids & Orgasms"

    Episode 1

    The Point | S2:E1 |On our Season 2 premiere, we unveil a new set, new logo, and new guys - Zaid Dagamseh and Jamall Whittier. We chat about taking a knee, Emmy fashions, and how Megyn Kelly thinks watching "Will & Grace" might make you gay.

  • "Side Shit & Flying Squirrels"

    Episode 2

    THE POINT | S1:E2 | The Guys talk gays with guns, Botox for your balls, and peeing in the shower.

  • "Locker Room Talk & Gold Star Gays"

    Episode 3

    THE POINT | S1:E3 | Guest co-host and social media personality Jesse Hazen joins The Guys to talk pussy grabbing, the Kardashians, and naked parks.

  • "Bromosexuals & Bad Costume Ideas"

    Episode 4

    THE POINT | S1:E4 | Social media maven, Jesse Hazen, is back with The Guys to talk gay/straight bromances, online dating, and “Tranny Granny.”

  • "Drag Myths & Other Wahoos"

    Episode 5

    THE POINT | S1:E5 | It’s almost Halloween, and guest co-host and drag diva Faye Tality joins The Guys to untuck myths about drag queens.

  • "Sleeping Naked & Uranus"

    Episode 6

    THE POINT | S1:E6 | Guest co-host Faye Tality is back to talk voter selfies, climate change, and why it’s healthy to sleep naked.

  • "Trump’s America & Beyoncé 2020"

    Episode 7

    THE POINT | S1:E7 | Comedian Martha Chaves joins The Guys, including guest co-host Nathan Mason, to help make sense – and comedy – out of Trump’s election.

  • "Arabian Knights & Junk Bumps"

    Episode 8

    THE POINT | S1:E8 | Guest co-host and founder of Arabian Knights LGBTQ Kerolos Saleib discusses what it means to be a gay Middle Easterner. The Guys are also joined again by Nathan Mason to talk sex at the gym and guys bumping their junk.

  • "Pronouns & Anti Tequila"

    Episode 9

    THE POINT | S1:E9 | The Guys talk gender-neutral pronouns and AMA red carpet fashions while guest Helen Hayden offers health and beauty holiday gift ideas.

  • "Robot Sex & Licking Taco"

    Episode 10

    THE POINT | S1:E10 | The Guys talk sex with robots, licking your cat, and the “iTunes of blowjobs.”

  • "Big Brains & Bigger Penises"

    Episode 11

    THE POINT | S1:E11 | Guest co-host and Social Worker in Research Carmine Malfitano discusses the scientific differences between gay and straight men, including how most gays are possessed by ghosts.

  • "Yuletide Lads & Santa Porn"

    Episode 12

    THE POINT | S1:12 | Social media personality Jesse Hazen helps The Guys celebrate the holidays by talking the rules of re-gifting, New Years resolutions, and porn for the holidays.

  • "Mariah Massacre & Hung Horse"

    Episode 13

    THE POINT | S1:E13 | The Guys are back from their holiday break to talk Mariah’s NYE meltdown, a toy horse hung like a human, and Xmas lights that may have turned straight guys gay.

  • "Neo Pronouns & The Douche Effect"

    Episode 14

    THE POINT | S1:E14 | The Guys are joined this week by Dr. Lee Airton to talk gender-neutral pronouns and the No Big Deal Campaign ( The Guys also delve into how science shows men how to be sexier.

  • "Condoms, PrEP & Sex With Trees"

    Episode 15

    THE POINT | S1:E15 | The Guys are joined by pharmacist and activist Dr. Michael Fanous to talk PrEP and sexual health, how shaving your nether regions increases risk of STIs, and having sex with the earth.

  • "Pussyhats & Sexy Underwear"

    Episode 16

    THE POINT | S1:E16 | Fashion expert Danesh Hanbury joins The Guys to talk men’s fashion mistakes, straight men’s “sexy underwear problem,” and pussyhats grabbing back.

  • "Micro Cheating & Chocolate Bugs"

    Episode 17

    THE POINT | S1:E17 | Relationship columnist Adam Segal joins The Guys, including guest co-host Danesh Hanbury, to talk Valentine's Day stress, self love, and how to have a successful three way.

  • "Dick Pics & Gaga Realness"

    Episode 18

    THE POINT | S1:E18 | The Guys talk all things Lady Gaga (including her “satanic” Super Bowl show), masturbating at work, and how to take the perfect dick pic.

  • "Vulva Puppets & Ethical Porn"

    Episode 19

    THE POINT |S1E:19| The Guys are joined by sex educator and porn producer Caitlin K. Roberts to get an in-depth tour of the female anatomy. They also discuss strong women in history, the opening of a new Playboy Club, and music to have sex to.

  • "Cricket Hot Dogs & Naked Dining"

    Episode 20

    THE POINT |S1:E20| Lee Cadesky of One Hop Kitchen and C-fu FOODS joins the Guys to talk about his company's line of insect-based foods, a poop-themed restaurant, and eating naked.

  • "Gay Batman & Oscar Shockers"

    Episode 21

    THE POINT |S1:E21| The Guys take on the big Oscar mixup, Oscar fashions, "Beauty & the Beast"'s big gay moment & the claim that "LEGO Batman" is so gay.

  • "Sex Breaks & Open Relationships"

    Episode 22

    THE POINT |S1:E22| The Guys are joined by David Williston of Polyamory Toronto to talk all things polyamory and open relationships. They also discuss “big loads” at the border and sex breaks at work.

  • "Accordion Legs & Desert Island Dicks"

    Episode 23

    THE POINT | S1:E23 | The Guys are joined by podcaster Teigan Reamsbottom of IshTalk to discuss our favorite albums, Netflix cheating, sex with the lights on, and Trump-themed cocktails to survive the next four years.

  • "Dumb Ads & Smart Phone Sex"

    Episode 24

    THE POINT | S1:E24 | The Guys talk Kendall Jenner's awful Pepsi ad, licking your phone to orgasm, and Grindr's new emojis. Oh, and God wants his rainbow back.