The Ryan and Amy Show

The Ryan and Amy Show

19 Episodes

The Ryan & Amy Show is a Vancouver based sketch & video comedy duo who are sick and twisted.

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The Ryan and Amy Show
  • "A Taste of 'The Ryan and Amy Show'"

    Episode 1

    Here is a taste of the sketch comedy show 'The Ryan and Amy Show'.

  • "Instagram Party"

    Episode 2

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E1 | Ryan brings Amy to 'Instagram Famous' Kyle Krieger's penthouse party and all hell breaks loose.

  • "Meeting Baby"

    Episode 3

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E2 | A relationship is flourishing until he meets her dog.

  • "The Outer Rim"

    Episode 4

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E3 | After the events of Episode VII, General Leia stops at The Outer Rim bar for a drink to help her forget all her problems.

  • "19th Birthday"

    Episode 5

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E4 | Very Progressive parents give their closeted son a smart phone with a gay dating/sex app for his 19th birthday. 

  • "Boner Fashion Show"

    Episode 6

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E4 | Watch this episode of 'Fashion Universe' from 2014 with your host Mariposa Leon. She is coming to us live from Toronto Fashion Week, covering Ricky Chance's Fall 2014 runway show ‘Boners’.

  • "Party Rock Boozenheimer Insurance"

    Episode 7

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E6 | Do you like to party so much that it’s unhealthy? If so, this insurance is for you.

  • "Coat Check"

    Episode 8

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E7 | Have you heard the truth about what's happening to coat check girls? Please watch this and find out what you can do to help.

  • "Yolot"
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E8 | Moms Over Miami are back with their new hit single YOLOT - 'You Only Live One Time', a new and totally original saying that the moms made up and didn't copy from another other similar saying. Enjoy!

  • "Vodka Soda"

    Episode 10

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E9 | The vodka soda is a very popular drink. So popular that we made a music video about it.

  • "Punch My Tammy"

    Episode 11

    The Ryan And Amy Show | S1:E10 | A touching love story about a part of Adam falling in love with a guy from Grindr.

  • "The Trench Coat Lesbians"

    Episode 12

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E11 | A group of trench coat wearing lesbians go to the bar.

  • "Smoker Girl"

    Episode 13

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E12 | In this award winning episode, smoker girl hits on some guys in an attempt to get free drinks.

  • "Days of Our Lives"

    Episode 14

    The Ryan and Amy Show | S1:E13 | Here is our favourite scene from Days of our Lives when Marlena Evans was possessed by the devil.

  • "Ryan and Jeff Presents, 'America's Next Top Model'"

    Episode 15

    The Ryan and Amy Show | Ryan Steele and Jeff Lynch act out their favorite scene from 'America's Next Top Model'. It's the scene where Tyra Banks loses her shit on eliminated contestant Tiffany. It seems that Tyra didn't appreciate how Tiffany 'laughed off' her elimination. Was she ever even takin...

  • "Monster for Mayor"

    Episode 16

    The Ryan and Amy Show | Your town hottie 'Monster' would like to be your new Mayor!

  • "Vodka Lime Soda"

    Episode 17

    The Ryan and Amy Show | Everybody drinks Vodka lime sodas. Or do they?

  • "Moms Over Miami | KELOWNA"

    Episode 18

    The Ryan and Amy Show | Moms Over Miami | KELOWNA

  • "Man Bun PSA"

    Episode 19

    The Ryan and Amy Show | There is a terrible men's hairstyle epidemic that needs to be stopped. Please watch this public service announcement and do what you can to help.