The Voice of turnipStyle

The Voice of turnipStyle

2 Seasons

The Voice of turnipStyle is the best podcast for men that are into; underwear, swimwear and everything that falls under the classification of fetish gear. Each episode we sit down and discuss great gear we find, our experiences, why we like it or why we don’t.

Even more, we bring up various lifestyle topics that are important to the LGBTQ community, with the hopes of inspiring people to think and make their lives better and have even more fun with their bodies, gear and friends.

We hope you find our enthusiasm contagious and inspires you to explore.

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The Voice of turnipStyle
  • "I Keep Ordering Pizza"

    Episode 1

    The Voice of Turnipstyle | S4:E4 | Political gaffes, anti-LGBT groups get the blood boiling. We move to a unique body image campaign, questions about underwear and contest winner! Video underwear reviews, RyanTime TV and are you wearing your undies too high?

  • "He Who Shafts Last"

    Episode 2

    The Voice of Turnipstyle | S4:E3 | Welcome to the Voice of turnipStyle Episode 100!

    Whoohoo put your celebration undies on! Do you have celebration undies? First off, a huge thanks goes out to each and every one of you for coming back and reading, downloading and listening to each episode. We...

  • "Two Men Kiss"

    Episode 3

    The Voice of Turnipstyle | S4:E5 | Is anybody else itching for SUMMER to get here? We sure are! Need some speedo weather badly!

    Quick break down for this episode we talk about; kissing sailors, pigs getting married, The state of Georgia being an asshole, again, STI tracking, Marc Rubio, I pro...

  • "Ass For Sale"

    Episode 4

    The Voice of Turnipstyle | S4:E6 | After a serious server malfunction, we are back. Sadly, all the hard work turnipHed had put into a kick ass post with show information, awesome photos, all the links you would want to go to…well that got lost. I was pretty proud of myself I have to admit…

  • 'Porn Travel Underwear Sex'

    Episode 5

    Think about it; porn, travel, underwear and sex. How is that not the perfect podcast?
    Even got Spiderman showin’ some crack and Deadpool showing some bulge! Would you travel where homosexuality is illegal? What if the trip was free? (warning a little heated) Jockstraps for Everyone!

  • 'Double Digits'

    Episode 6

    In the true spirit of joking around between turnipHed and UrbanGuyTO comes the title for this week’s podcast. “Double Digits” arose from the conversation about quantity vs. quality.

  • 'Leather Poppers And Underwear'

    Episode 7

    Leather, poppers, and well of course, underwear dominate Episode 106.

    You are in for a good time, especially with our special guest; Big Fatty from the Big Fatty Online podcast found on the Pride48 network of podcasts.

    This will definitely not be a show that follows our usual format; we do...

  • 'Body Positive'

    Episode 8

    This is an attitude we are very passionate about and since a few things have happened across media and social media channels, this became a primary focus on the first half of our show.

    Maintaining a body positive attitude may be hard over the Easter Weekend as many dive into th...

  • 'Jock Walk'

    Episode 9

    Do jocks walk like that because their jockstraps are riding up wrong?

    Nobody really knows but before we get into that let us talk about our new and improved newsletters!

    More ANTI-LGBT laws, loin cloth wearing dude goes to court. Getting naked to talk about the Gay Male Body Image. Paying ...

  • 'Body Image Is Not A Joke'

    Episode 10

    American Eagle thinks that a body positive attitude is something to laugh at.

    Did you know that “Spit & Shove” is no longer safe?

    PrEP is here and XHamster gets political plus, tattoo undies make their debut.

  • 'Spit And Shove The Solution'

    Episode 11

    We found the solution for Spit and Shove.

    Jocklover82 joins the chat, well more like we talk about him in his absences.

    Interesting developments with PrEP, listener voicemail.

    Is the Jockstrap Dead? Hotel bans Spandex! Bullying and Body Shaming.

  • 'The Masculinity Of Homosexuality'

    Episode 12

    This episode is a lot more low key than normal. Both turnipHed & UrbanGuyTO are pretty worn out.

    There has been a lot going on behind the change room curtain here.

    Some political stuff, mainly HB2 gets talked about but then we dive into why dudes should own a jockstrap and are gay men more...

  • 'Bare Those Legs Boys'

    Episode 13

    Blunt Sex-Ed for asylum seekers. Human Rights in Canada to included Transgendered individuals. Not Queer, just Gay. Thanks! Is novelty underwear offensive?

  • 'Who Are You Calling A Pussy'

    Episode 14

    The Family is visiting and it’s Pride Month in Toronto – we are busy boys!

    Tune into the Pride48 Global Weekend. Gang Rape in Rio, teens with offensive t-shirts, Prince Harry has a nipple fetish!?

    Tweak me!

    A listener shares “how to change it up with your harness.”

  • 'The Cocksox Power Hour'

    Episode 15

    Welcome to a full hour of just COCKSOX!

    As they celebrate their 10th Anniversary, Kevin from COCKSOX joins us for an exclusive interview, plus we have some kick ass reviews on new COCKSOX gear!

    Visit The Voice of to check out the videos and reviews.

  • 'Pride 2016'

    Episode 16

    PRIDE has hit Toronto!

    Well, Pride has been hitting Toronto since 30 May when the Rainbow Flag was raised at City Hall and it has been non-stop events all the way through the month.

    This weekend, is the culmination of all that fun we will be celebrating with our Street Festival here in Tor...

  • 'I Just Wanna F**kin' Dance'

    Episode 17

    When Life Seems Hard, The Courageous Do Not Lie Down and Accept Defeat, Instead, They Are All More Determined To Struggle For A Better Future. – Hm Queen Elizabeth II

    This has been a very tough week for all of us. We are determined to carry on but not just carry on, we will live our Pride a b...

  • 'Post Pride Pick-Me-Up'

    Episode 18

    It is always a bit sad when the Pride festivities come to a close but also a relief because it means we can get some sleep!

    Remember that PRIDE is 365 days a year and we should all commit ourselves to remember and live by that. Loud and Proud!

  • 'Where Is It'

    Episode 19

    THE EXPLANATION: Due to technical difficulties the recording of the episode failed.

    So we have decided that while this is not a completely lost episode, like episode #069, you should have been there for the live broadcast.

  • 'A Schit Show'

    Episode 20

    Thanks again to Shirtless Jay from the SCHIT Podcast for joining us for this shit show.

    Yes, it is a long one but it should be a good one! He thought he was off the hook but not with UrbanGuyTO back; we give Shirtless Jay the good old fashioned once over with numerous questions about his gear...

  • 'Where Your Shirt At'

    Episode 21

    This is a special podcast where Shirtless Jay from the SCHIT Podcast joins turnipHed all the way from San Diego while UrbanGuyTO is away celebrating Pride in London, Ontario that is.

    San Diego Pride. Masturbation and Your Health. RNC and Escorts, and boys in skirts in the UK.

  • 'In Bed With Ryan Russell'

    Episode 22

    What do you do when you have a porn star in your bed?

    You put a microphone in his hand and start recording.

    Ryan Russell, porn actor, marketer, host and self-proclaimed “Eddie Pie Hands” comes and hangs out with us for a couple hours.

    We have a great chat that goes all over the place, n...

  • 'Dick Print'

    Episode 23

    turnipHed has been getting flack for watching the Olympics in Rio. He explains why he is so passionate about the Olympics and sport.

    Tear jerker commercials during the Olympics.

    Nico Hines and The Daily Beast cross the line so far that they can’t see it in their rear view mirrors.


  • 'The Finale'

    Episode 24

    Since this is the last episode of the season we really didn’t want to bring up any new topics about gear.

    We have a ton of new gear on the go here right now and we will have a shit-ton of reviews for you to go over.

    Plus, turnipHed has not been sleeping well, a new toy he has has been keepi...