Three's A Crowd

Three's A Crowd

6 Episodes

When EVAN and PATRICK go on their first dinner date, their connection is immediate.
But after hitting the sheets, their romantic bubble threatens to burst when Patrick reveals that he's still living--platonically--with his ex-boyfriend (and best friend) of nine years, BRIAN.

Is this romance doomed before it gets off the ground? Is three always a crowd?

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Three's A Crowd
  • "Evan and Patrick"

    Episode 1

    Three's A Crowd | S1:E1 | Evan and Patrick go on their first date, but a surprise reveal complicates things.

  • "Evan and Brian"

    Episode 2

    Three's A Crowd | S1:E2 | Evan and Brian face off the morning after Evan’s night with Patrick.

  • "Evan and Kristen"

    Episode 3

    Three's A Crowd | S1:E3 | Evan’s roommate Kristen is concerned about his latest romantic entanglement.

  • "Evan’s Double Date"

    Episode 4

    Three's A Crowd | S1:E4 | The lead-up to Evan’s double date with Patrick and Brian isn’t quite what he had in mind.

  • "The Double Dinner Party"

    Episode 5

    Three's A Crowd | S1:E5 | A double date or the dinner party from hell? Evan and Patrick dine with Brian and Mason.

  • "Discovery"

    Episode 6

    Three's A Crowd | S1:E6 | Evan, Patrick, and Brian discover they may not all be on the same page.