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  • Boys in Tech Interview | with Vine Superstar & 2016 Streamy Awards Host King Bach

  • REVRY 2017 | Trailer

  • EKAJ | Trailer

    "Kids" meets "Midnight cowboy"...A love story between two drifters, a naive teenager and a hustler. The film captures a runaway's journey to New York City. Ekaj meets Mecca who takes him under his care. Mecca has AIDS and multiple problems of his own. He is high all day but still manages to be th...

  • Bridge | Trailer

    Bridge is a short film about Dan, a closet homosexual goes to a gay cruising area under a bridge to confront his darkest secrets only to realize after meeting a much younger and more confident Paul, that his secret is just the beginning of something much bigger.

  • Saving The Boom | Trailer

    The story of one man's attempt to save Laguna Beach's landmark gay bar.

    Saving the Boom world premiered at the Director's Guild of America as part of Outfest Los Angeles LGBT International Film Festival. It went on to screen at international film festival around the world, including: the prest...

  • BROTHERS | Trailer

    "BROTHERS" was the first narrative series about a group of trans male friends to not only feature the stories of transgender men, but also to cast trans actors in the main roles. The show touches on a few of the many issues that face transgender individuals - healthcare, dating, dysphoria, homoph...

  • Mosquita y Mari | Trailer

    In a fast-paced immigrant community where dreams are often lost to economic survival, two young Chicanas contemplate life when they stir unexpected desires in each other.

    Mosquita y Mari is a coming of age story that focuses on a tender friendship between two young Chicanas. Yolanda and Mari a...

  • Positive Youth | Trailer

    "Positive Youth" is a one-hour television documentary which follows four HIV+ positive youth (late teens to 27) in four different N. American cities in cinéma vérité style.

    Each of the four subjects have been selected to create a dynamic perspective on the reality of living positive today. ...

  • Strange Frame | Trailer

    Check out this trailer for Strange Frame, a brilliantly animated movie directed by GB Hajim, co-written by Hajim and out lesbian African American musician Shelley Doty, also co-starring a terrific array of voice talents including Tim Curry, Cree Summer, Juliet Landau, Ron Glass, Alan Tudyk, Micha...

  • Paragon School for Girls | Trailer

    Paragon School for Girls has been helping gifted young ladies manifest their potential since 1889.

    Upon her arrival at the school, Violet begins a strange journey into a whole new world. Each girl learns that she has the latent ability to become something quite extra ordinary.

    It is a place...

  • Joanne Brown is HERE | Trailer

    Joanne Brown is HERE is a new digital series about a Brentwood socialite who discovers she’s penniless after the sudden death of her philandering husband. The stripped-down comedy follows Joanne Brown (Joanne Baron) as she negotiates life as a widow.

  • Gaze of the Beholder | Trailer

  • Queens of Kings (Season 2) | Trailer

    Check out whats in store in the epic second season of Queens of Kings!

  • Heart Breaks Open | Trailer

    Model queer activist and poet, Jesus (Maximillian Davis) prides himself in his work with the Seattle LGBT community. At the same time, Jesus is having unprotected sex and cheating on Johnny, his long-time partner (Samonte Cruz). Jesusʼs world implodes when he discovers that he is HIV positive, fo...

  • Pot Luck | Trailer

  • The Switch (Season 1) | Trailer

    Check out the trailer for Season 1 of "The Switch', the hit Canadian show bound to make you laugh and think in equal measure!

  • Stud Life | Trailer

    Check out this trailer for Stud Life, a provocative, edgy, colorful and sexy British film that takes on gender, sexuality and urban street life as it also portrays a wonderful tale of love and friendship.

  • I Am Divine | Trailer

    Check out the trailer for "I am Divine", a dynamic, fun and often poignant portrait of the legendary Divine which brings to life a complex understanding of John Waters’s favored muse.

  • Four | Trailer

  • Queens of Kings | Season 1 | Trailer

    A teaser of what Season 1 of Queens of Kings has to offer.

  • Free Fall | Trailer

    Check out this trailer for Free Fall, a film thats been called the German Brokeback Mountain for its portrayal of forbidden love between two police cadets as previously heterosexual Marc (Hanno Koffler) and fellow male cop Kay (Max Riemelt) embark on an unexpected life-changing affair.

  • Queens of Kings (Season 1) | Trailer

    Trailer for season one of the acclaimed docu-series Queens of Kings

  • Broken Glass | Trailer

    “Broken Glass” is the next short film from award-winning filmmaker Chaz Harris and tackles the issues of bullying and domestic violence within the context of a modern-day fantasy story.

    12 year old Max Petersen is being bullied at school and has an abusive father at home. When playing alone in...

  • Focus Group | Interview

    The Focus Group | Damian Pelliccione, CEO of @REVRY, the new groundbreaking LGBT digital content streaming server for Apple TV (4th generation), Chromecast, ROKU, and mobile devices joins Tim and John to talk about this exciting new media property.

    The Focus Group is proud to be part of REVRY!