Two Naked Gay Guys

Two Naked Gay Guys

4 Episodes

Lucas is a cocky pretty boy who lives for casual sex and no commitments. Dean is a shy romantic trying to work out what he wants. After a hookup leads to a moment of genuine connection, these two guys find themselves both questioning when does a casual fling become something more, and discover that everyone they know has a different answer.

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Two Naked Gay Guys
  • "Two Naked Gay Guys and a Lesbian"

    Episode 1

    Two Naked Gay Guys | S1:E1 | While enjoying a hot casual encounter, Dean and Lucas share an intimate and honest moment together that neither of them were prepared for.

  • "Two Naked Gay Guys and a Straight Bloke"

    Episode 2

    Two Naked Gay Guys | S1:E2 | After hooking up several times, Lucas invites Dean back to his place. Dean challenges Lucas about the nature of their relationship.

  • "One Naked Gay Guy"

    Episode 3

    Two Naked Gay Guys | S1:E3 | Dean opens up about his conflicting feelings for Lucas with his friends. Anna nudges both Dean and his friend Cam to make bold decisions.

  • "Two Naked Gay Guys"

    Episode 4

    Two Naked Gay Guys | S1:E4 | Lucas turns to his flatmates Tiffany and Justin for advice. Dean arrives but with a different suggestion to the one Lucas was expecting.