unBEARable with Big Dipper and Meatball

unBEARable with Big Dipper and Meatball

13 Episodes

Big Dipper and Meatball have joined forces to bring you unBEARable! Listen every week as they talk bear culture, sex, snacks, and have in depth interviews with special guests.

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unBEARable with Big Dipper and Meatball
  • Episode 1: Cubrina Bearly

    Episode 1

    In the premiere episode of unBEARable, Big Dipper and Meatball are joined by LA-based drag queen Cubrina Bearly. They talk bad tattoos, finding acceptance in the bear community, and what it's like to be a bear and a drag queen.

  • Episode 2: Big Dipper and Meatball "Sans Guest"

    Episode 2

    Big Dipper and Meatball interview each other! They talk eyebrows, career beginnings, and separating themselves from their characters.

  • Episode 3: Willam

    Episode 3

    TV personality, internet superstar, and best selling authoress WILLAM stops by to share exclusive jaw-dropping T. They chat about early family life, queens breaking rules, working with Lady Gaga, and more!

  • Episode 4: George Unda

    Episode 4

    Actor and internet hunk George Unda sits down with Big Dipper and Meatball to talk open relationships, "Where the Bears Are", internet notoriety, and more.

  • Episode 5: Rakeem Cunningham

    Episode 5

    Rakeem Cunningham stops by to talk co-hosting "Podcast of Color”, West Hollywood vs DTLA, being a professional celebrity photographer, and more!

  • Episode 6: Drew Droege

    Episode 6

    Actor, comedian, and writer Drew Droege stops by to talk about his controversial thoughts on ‘I Love Lucy’, comedy at The Groundlings, Chloe Sevigny, and more!

  • Episode 7: Jaymes Mansfield

    Episode 7

    This week Big Dipper and Meatball are joined by the hilarious and talented Jaymes Mansfield from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9. They talk drag con, life before and after Drag Race, Halloween, and more!

  • Episode 8 : Jeff Leavell

    Episode 8

    Writer Jeff Leavell joins Big Dipper and Meatball to talk writing for Vice, LA Nightlife, polyamorous relationships, and more!

  • Episode 9 : Nabor Arias

    Episode 9

    Nabor Arias tells us what it's like to work in a popular adult-themed store, hosting PUTERÍA at Precinct, sex toys, and more!

  • Episode 10 : Vander Von Odd

    Episode 10

    Winner of "Dragula" season 1 Vander Von Odd stops by to talk about their time on the show, walking in New York fashion week, filmmaking, and more!

  • Episode 11: Lauren Lapkus

    Episode 11

    Emmy nominated actress and longtime friend of Big Dipper Lauren Lapkus (“With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus", "Jurassic World", "Orange Is the New Black”) chats about growing up with Big Dipper, acting, queer TV, and more!

  • Episode 12: Jackie Beat & Mario Diaz

    Episode 12

    Legendary drag queen Jackie Beat and club king Mario Diaz join Big Dipper and Meatball to talk LA vs New York City, originating trends, performing, and more!

  • Episode 13: An unBEARable Chanukah LIVE!

    Episode 13

    An unBEARable Chanukah with Big Dipper and Meatball!
    They made it thru a whole season….it’s a Chanukah Miracle!

    Recorded live at Precinct DTLA with special guest Jeffery self. Featuring performances by VivvyAnne ForeverMORE, Pinche Queen, Big Dipper and Meatball, and a well intentioned appear...