Under the Table

Under the Table

7 Episodes

Join a group of friends as they play through tabletop games – all while getting incredibly intoxicated! With featured guests and cocktails, "Under The Table" will have you laughing and drinking along in no time!

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Under the Table
  • "Firefly Munchkin with Becca Canote"

    Episode 1

    Under the Table | S1:E1 | The gang at Under The Table combine Star Munchkin with The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin to create “Firefly” Munchkin! They are joined by special guest Becca Canote.

  • "Short Order Heroes & Superfight with Meg Turney"

    Episode 2

    Under the Table | S1:E2 | A two for one! The gang play both Short Order Heroes and Superfight, and are joined by special guest Meg Turney!

  • "BattleDragons with Ivan Van Norman"

    Episode 3

    Under the Table | S1:E3 | The Under The Table gang take on a Roleplaying game, all with the help of special guest Ivan Van Norman.

  • "The Upside with Gaymer"

    Episode 4

    Under the Table | S1:E4 | Special guest Matthew Michael Brown (Gaymer) helps the gang find the silver linings of terrible situations with The Upside.

  • "Aye, Dark Overlord with Lisle Wilkerson"

    Episode 5

    Under the Table | S1:E5 | Introducing Secret Drinking Rules! Play along with the gang as they cower before their master in Aye, Dark Overlord! They are joined by special guest Lisle Wilkerson.

  • "Bang! with Kim Horcher"

    Episode 6

    Under the Table | S1:E6 | Move over, Westworld! The Under The Table gang (along with special guest Kim Horcher) take on the wild, wild west with Bang!

  • “Arkham Horror (Parts 1 & 2) with Brian Tocchi”

    Episode 7

    Under the Table | S1:E7 | In this special two-part season finale, the Under The Table gang fight the growing darkness of Arkham Horror with special guest Brian Tocchi!