Whatta Lark

Whatta Lark

10 Episodes

A funny glimpse into the world of women and men who perform as women. "Whatta Lark" follows childless children’s book author Megan Revere when she is forced to choose “will I or won’t I have kids” and turns to drag queen Whatta Lark for advice.

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Whatta Lark
  • "Boo and Roo Don't Know What to Do"

    Episode 1

    Whatta Lark | S1:E1 | Acclaimed Children’s Book Author Megan Revere is presented with an ultimatum from her publisher: decide whether or not to have a kid. Megan unsuccessfully seeks advice from everyone she knows, until she unwittingly stumbles upon the drag queen Whatta Lark...

  • "Boo and Roo Talk to Strangers"

    Episode 2

    Whatta Lark | S1:E2 | After realizing that no one currently in her life is really giving her the kind of help she needs, Megan commits to befriending Whatta.

  • "Boo and Roo Cure a Hangover"

    Episode 3

    Whatta Lark | S1:E3 | Megan meets Jason – AKA Whatta when she’s not in drag – and has a lot of questions... Luckily an old family hangover cure leads to a lot of answers.

  • "Boo and Roo Visit Grandma"

    Episode 4

    Whatta Lark | S1:E4 | Megan’s doctor tells her she’d be considered “a geriatric pregnancy” (and research into what her body could go through in pregnancy terrifies her) so she visits Whatta at the club to get a second opinion.

  • "Boo and Roo Go to Jail"

    Episode 5

    Whatta Lark | S1:E5 | Megan obsesses over how she’d keep a child safe, and Whatta calls from jail, where she’s had to bail out one of her girls.

  • "Boo and Roo Go Wild"

    Episode 6

    Whatta Lark | S1:E6 | In a manic fit induced by copious amounts of pre-natal supplements, Megan terrifies her husband and drives a wedge between her and Whatta that may be too much to overcome...

  • "Boo and Roo's Adventures in Babysitting"

    Episode 7

    Whatta Lark | S1:E7 | Megan’s best friend Eliza saddles Megan with her kids for the day and Whatta benefits from a little mothering advice of Megan’s for a change.

  • "Boo and Roo Get a Makeover"

    Episode 8

    Whatta Lark | S1:E8 | Amy spends the day making her sister Megan “internet hot” while Megan laments the good old days when a writer could just sit around in her pajamas all day.

  • "Boo and Roo Get Authentic"

    Episode 9

    Whatta Lark | S1:E9 | Megan’s publisher drops her, and to add insult to injury, picks up her sister, finally pushing Megan over the edge into an epic rant that both Whatta and Amy agree, needs to be seen.

  • "Boo and Roo Do It Their Own Damn Selves"

    Episode 10

    Whatta Lark | S1:E10 | Megan’s rant lands her on Good Morning America where she promotes both her new book and Whatta, prompting her publisher to reconsider having dropped her, as well as asking if Whatta and she might do a book together...